New guidance to the arboretum

In the Geographical Arboretum of Tervuren a disclosure project is going on, which is intended to make the collection more accessible to the visitor and tree lover.   The renewal of this website will be realised in this context in collaboration with the administrators.  The site will provide access to an extensive multimedia package with lots of up to date information about the groups of trees in the arboretum.  In addition, a smart phone app will be developed with interactive detailed collection maps.  All this will be framed in the multilingual web publications of the Sonian Forest.

The edition of an extensive arboretum book is in preparation, translations and layout are in progress. It will be a richly illustrated book, with a description of the various arboretum groups as its main subject, as well as the history of the domain, aspects of the arboretum management and an introductory discussion of the background sciences.  The simultaneous publication in four languages is planned for spring 2020, but the book can already be ordered now. For a colourful publication of more than 300 pages, with beautiful nature photos, the subscription price is very favourable. See here for the subscription conditions.

A new signage system will be installed on the site, which will make the structure of the collection more clear.  The labelling of the trees will be refreshed and complemented.  In addition to the existing Royal Walk, which allows you to explore the domain over the beautiful avenues, five themed walking routes have been set up, which penetrate deeper into the interior of the arboretum via forest paths and meadows.

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