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28/04/2005: some interactivity?  Follow the guide (high speed connection required)!         For an interactive tour of the Arboretum. Requires high speed connexion and a minimum resolution of 1024 x 768!

A pine fell between groups 8 and 9. This 24th of February 2005, snowfalls reached the Arboretum... With sometimes unexpected consequences: the layer wasn't so thick but this young pine (although native from the Rockies) came to lay down for ever (Gr.8).

Another big tree I couldn't identify underwent the same destiny.

You may find all the new pictures of the Arboretum under the snow on the page 4 of the Picture Gallery.
The Arboretum under the snow.

8 January 2005: thank you for the mention of this site in the magazine Le Vif Express/L'Express.... New page (in French) on the chestnut groves, with the agreement of the American Chestunt Foundation. For those of you who find the history of Tervuren, the Royal Donation or the Royal Museum of Central Africa of interest, dont miss the repeat of the documentary “Boma Tervuren” this Thursday, 3 February on RTBF2...

Flora and Fauna! because of the lack of adequate photos, the topic has still to be appreciated fully. The Arboretum is a place which is much appreciated by red squirrels and rabbits, which you will spot easily (e.g. come nightfall, they hold huge picnics in the meadows!). On the other hand no trace of the Korean Squirell; nonetheless it is widely seen near Rouge-Cloitre on the other side of the Ring. Master Fox is also a permanent member of this party – we can come across him as far as the lakes of Tervuren. The batrachians and the birds between them deserve a whole chapter...
A red squirrel on holidays in the Appalachees (Group 15).
The roebucks of the Sonian Forest visit these places very frequently. The winter is ideal for the a spot of “nature-watch”: the absence of foliage allows for a good view, and the scarcity of food means that the animals are obliged to surface very often - but they still manage to move too quickly for photos!!

The roebucks: from one World to the other in a few steps!

From the end of April new signs are appearing here and there in the Arboretum. You are invited to identify the most obviously labelled trees by their latin name. This marking is directly in line with the concept adhered to in the guide which appears on 24 April. Lots to satisfy your curiousity!
The new pannels available in the Arboretum: long expected and quiet useful!

24th of April 2004 was declarded "Arboretum Day".

Arboretum Day took the opportunity to welcome the appearance of a new guide, in 4 languages (English, French, Dutch and German).

You will of course find it in libraries, but also in the VVV of Tervuren (Tourist Office) located at the village "Markt" (Main Square).

This book is edited by “Octogone Publishers” on the initiative of the IRGT.

The new guide

On the same day new brochures on the Arboretum became available, in several languages (also at the "VVV").

In the last few weeks it has been snowed often in Belgium – and of course at the Arboretum. Here are some photos capturing the mood...

The springs of the"Voer": February 2004
Arboretum of Tervuren: the beechwood under snowfall
One of the large oaks: February 2004
Snow on the trees of Hondo, Group 29b

This site went online on 7 February 2004. For the moment, it is but a rough sketch... Please do come back and visit it from time to time you can follow its progress and discover many surprises that I have in store for you!