In and around the Arboretum: Things to See & Do




Tervuren deserves a stop-off for many reasons:

•  · The Centre: the “Markt” (main square), the church, and the surrounding areas have so much charm. There are lovely terraces (actually not enough!) which appear on the first few sunny days.

The "Markt" of Tervuren (annual plants market day).

• · The Park and ponds of Tervuren/Vossem... with the Palace of the Colonies, The Royal Museum of Central Africa, and the "Tervurenlaan": together they create a majestic landscape dating back to the reign of King Leopold II.

•  · The Royal Museum of Central Africa commands an international reputation. A number of selective activities are on offer. It is a living place, which has evolved gradually over time. Not to be missed!


Tervuren, at the gates of the forest (view from my house roof!). In the back: the Arboretum.

An interesting site in english about Tervuren:

You will find plenty of information (in Flemish only) on the Commune's site or at the Tourist Office (VVV Tervuren), Markt 7, 3080 Tervuren. Tel: 02/7692081. E-mail:

Latest news for inhabitants of Tervuren: did you know that from 1st September 2007
the public swimming pool in Tervuren will be closed to the general public? If you disagree with this decision, please surf to

Jezus-Eik or Notre-Dame-au-Bois (Overijse commune):


•  · Restaurants and terraces a-plenty... often overrun with the strollers of the Sonian Forest or the Arboretum!

•  · The Sonian Forest which borders the western side of the Arboretum deserves its own separate website: .

A site in Flemish on Jezus-Eik:


Duisburg ( Tervuren commune)


•  · Especially for the cyclists! To the east of the Arboretum, the woods of Tervuren emerge into the countryside of Duisburg, a small village offering numerous walks. You are now in the “Druivenstreek" - the grape country. The number of greenhouses lends the village its very characteristic nature.


The countryside of Duisburg.
Adventure starts here!
Duisburg: under the linden...





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